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Frank Robnik

Frontend Engineer.

Hello, I'm a JavaScript developer with a background in UX and motion design.

The key to a successful frontend is understanding the business needs and translating them into meaningful user journeys. As a developer and with my background in UX design, I am happy to accompany you throughout the process. For more than 12 years now I have been gaining experience in designing and developing for web and mobile. From corporate websites to interactive experiences to ecommerce frontends. In recent years I've been more and more involved in developing JavaScript based applications with frameworks like React, preferably in TypeScript.

Due to the constant change of frontend technologies, I learn something new with every project and am always open to new challenges. Most recently, I gained experience with server-side rendering using tools like Gatsby and NextJS, as well as styling with CSS frameworks like TailwindCSS and component libraries like ChakraUI. To make my code less error-prone, I use testing tools like Jest and the React-testing-library.

I'm also familiar with technologies such as Node, Express, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and GraphQL. This list is not complete and is constantly expanding. Let's chat to see if I'm a good fit for your project.